Change your Tires, not your

Who We Are

Our team has been working in the tire service industry for 10 years, combining both sales and hands-on experience while working for one of the leading automotive centres in Ottawa. During his years of experience, Huss, founder of Wheel It, studied the market closely and assessed how changing tires is not the best experience for the majority of clients due to their busy schedules. On average, Canadian drivers need to change their vehicle tires twice a year, once in the winter and once in the spring. This is not to exclude all the other responsibilities that come up, such as, tire rotation, fixing the unexpected flat tire or getting your vehicle tires balanced. All these responsibilities translate into multiple trips to automotive service centers while usually dealing with a first-come-first-serve basis. Even when scheduling appointments, clients have to change their personal or work schedules to service their vehicles based on the automotive service center’s availability. That is when the idea of a mobile garage came to mind. 

Why Wheel It

Wheel It is a perfect replacement to your traditional automotive centers! We make the process of changing tires a luxury service and not another chore. This is the perfect alternative for individuals with busy schedules. Whether it is work, school, family or home commitments, we do not intend on disrupting them. There is no more need to book time off from any obligations. We will come to you, based on your time convenience, whether at home or work. Wheel it is a convenient solution saving you both time and money.

How It Works

Whether it is a tire sale, tire maintenance, or a seasonal tire change, you will start by booking your appointment online or by calling 1-833-WHEELIT.

During your call, or online, you will be asked to follow quick steps to ensure we are informed of your specific automotive needs.

After your appointment is set, please make sure your vehicle is prepared for servicing prior to Wheel It’s service visit. (Please note, you will be informed of a short list of instructions ensuring your vehicle is prepared for service.)